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After school care & Enrichment Classes 

Why Enrichment Planet?

Enrichment Planet is a full service after school care provider and offers a large variety of unique, quality  Enrichment classes.

Our classes include Science, Art, Cooking, Circus Arts, Team Sports, Music, Skateboarding and more.
Before starting, we will help your school evaluate your enrichment needs and design a personalized program that fits just right.



The Tumblebees Mobile Gymnastics Program is designed for today’s preschooler. Our Tumblebees Bus is fully air-conditioned and packed with child specific gymnastics equipment. A wide variety of lesson plans make learning fun! All of our progressions are challenging yet attainable for each child.

As our students continue through our program they will improve their body awareness, coordination, and self-esteem.


Our science program is a S.T.E.M based curriculum full of hands-on experiments. We set ourselves apart from other science programs with our consistent use of The Scientific Method. Our preschool appropriate version of this method will allow your children to develop a thorough grasp of this concept which will be useful throughout their education. Our curriculum is extremely varied and includes general Science, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.


Our Art curriculum introduces students of all ages to famous Artists, their artworks and techniques. While using a wide variety of materials, such as clay, acrylic paint on canvas, watercolor, pencil or wood the children can discover their creative abilities and strenghten fine motor skills.


Our cooking classes include: Storybook Kids in the Kitchen, Global Gourmet, Art of Japanese Cooking, Garden Chefs and Pastry Party. 
All classes can be adjusted depending on class sizes and age group.


Circus Stars is a mobile circus program suitable for children from Pre-K to 5th Grade. We provide an introduction to Juggling, Aerial Arts, Acrobatics, Stiltwalking, Tightrope , Hand Balancing, Unicycling and more. 


Skate School brings the skatepark to the schoolyard. We provide portable skate ramps, skateboards and safety gear as well as experienced instructors.  
In our classes we not only focus on the basics of skateboarding but also on how to avoid injury by falling safely.

Parties & Events

Let us join you for your next celebration! Whether it’s your child’s birthday or any special event, we bring the fun to you.


Celebrate your childs Birthday with Tumblebees.


For a full list of on-site field trip offerings please contact us.

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